Castings and Workshops for Films

Castings and Workshops for Films

work2If you are looking for actors in Telugu and Hindi in the age groups of 18-35, with a cosmopolitain look who can deal with edgy and different subjects, Samahaara has the right talent pool. We have actors who can work well with new-age directors, equipped with dealing with all the on-location and camera-specific acting challenges that come with films.

We do auditions, castings and workshops for the actors cast and train them specifically for the characters in your project.

Workshops for film cast 

As we do castings for films, we will cast and do a workshop for your actors or just do a workshop before the shoot begins to get your actors into the groove. This is especially helpful for newcomers and those undertaking a different kind of script that requires specific skills for actors. This will be specific for camera and the characters in your script. Picking the right talent and working with them in order to make good time during the shoots is crucial for filmmaking and we understand that.