For Schools and Colleges

For Schools and Colleges

Workshop summerWhat’s fun, educational and brings out the best in your students?

Samahaara Workshops for educational institutions. Theatre, we have seen, is easily the best learning tool there is to inculcate confidence and develop public-speaking and narrative skills for students. For schools, the goal is to make their students more creative, team players and have the abilty to express themselves. For colleges, the same agenda applies, along with helping them ready to face the world and interviews, and everything that comes with the outside reality.

A fun-filled workshop that promises to be life-changing for youngsters between ages 10-21, those formative years of pre-teenage and young adulthood. We have seen children come out of their shells, give life to their budding creativity and evolve as people. Samahaara has contributed in bringing out the best young theatre talent in the twin cities.

Duration: 5 Days, 2 hours each day

Play direction

Picking a play for your in-house dramatic society, annual event or similar? Leave the training and direction of your Play to us and display the best of your school and students to the world. We will start with auditions, workshops for those selected and rehearse with the actors, engage the crew and bring out a production worthy of your institution.

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